No Smoking Day

1 Month

:D Well here i am still smoke free after 5 whole weeks (month), can't quiet believe i have made it this far but am well chuffed i have !!

Looking back over the past month since starting my quit things are certanily alot better now .. I feel fantastic and can't wait to kick that "nicodemon" butt for another month . I am also shocked that i didn't crave or think about fags yesterday :D i am aware however that "nicodemon" may just be testing me and strike when he thinks i aint ready but you know what i say...... bring it on :o oooeerrr i even did a little growl there ha ha ha .

One more thing though ..... To everyone on this site i thank you for your support in helping me through the first few testing weeks , you are all stars and are all doing great on your quits .

Tracey x

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It feels great to start counting in months doesn't it.

All the best



Great work Tracey - thanks for your support over the month! Lets continue in our quest to get to the Penthouse! Whoop Whoop!


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