No Smoking Day


Hi everyone. I feel obliged to confess that on Friday I gave in to temptation and smoked a couple of cigarettes. My resolve was loosened by alcohol..

At the time I managed to persuade myself that two cigarettes in nine days was still far better than what I would otherwise have smoked, but even so I felt disappointed in myself afterwards. Happier to report that since then I have been smoke free and am thus back at day 5 now. In a strange way I feel my desire to stop is now even greater than it was before, and I'm annoyed that I caved. I have a tickly cough and feel a bit rough - this may be a slight touch of flu anyhow, but my smoking can't have helped and in my mind they are very associated. I feel bad because I smoked.

I really, really don't want to smoke ever again.

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Since you have been smoke free for a further 5 days since your slip, I think you can probably be forgiven ;)

I am glad to hear you jumped straight back on the wagon, I think that probably proves that alcohol was to blame. Maybe a good idea to limit your intake for a while :)

Well done on day 5.


Thanks Stuart - I really do feel stronger for it, so maybe in a twisted way it'll turn out to be a good thing that I cracked.


Well sh#t happens, but don't make a habit of it!

It does not work to have the odd one here and there, I know I've been there several times. :o

You have taken it as a slip up and in the grand scheme of things if you succeed from here on in, it won't matter.

Day 5 is great and before long you'll be counting in weeks than months.

Stay strong!

All the best ,




I'm with the others welcome back in day 5 and alcohol was my down fall in the early stages, but your back on track now well done.


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