No Smoking Day

Day 19

This seems to be getting slowly easier, so it's time for a little re-affirmation.

This is todays entry in my quit diary.

Today is day 19 – that’s right, I’m only 2 days away from 3 weeks, this last week has gone very quickly and I feel that that is a good sign – it’s means time is passing more quickly so I am spending less time thinking about what I am doing and more time just getting on with things.

I’m feeling good, feeling positive and feeling like this time is for good. I do not intend to ever smoke another cigarette – in fact, while I’m not consciously acting on the quit (This journal, and the support site) I hardly think of cigarettes any more.

However, I must remember that I am a nicotine addict. I will always be a nicotine addict, but I can choose not to feed that addiction so that I remain free of it. The only way I can remain free is to not give my addiction what it wants.

Therefore I choose not to smoke today – I choose another day of freedom from my addiction.

2 Replies

well done! :D you are doing sooo well, can't wait til i am that far in! keep up the good work :)x


Always does good to put your thoughts down on paper so to speak.

You are doing really well and seem to have the right attitude.

All the best



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