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Bitwobbly's story

Gave up the evil roll ups about six months ago. I went cold turkey and with the help of hypnosis found it farly easy.

But, and here's the rub, as time went on I found myself putting on more and more weight. Ballooned up two stone - not good. Okay so I'll loose it later I thought but just kept eating anything and everthing:eek:

The other major problem was that I was, without doubt, suffering from depression. This was bad enough to put my relationship with my children and my marriage at risk. In fact life was bloody awfull.

Having done a bit of research it seems this is not uncommon.

Now then, in my business I travel a lot to Sweden and often witness my Swedish friends placing a small 'tea bag' in their upper lip. This is Swedish Snus, a tobacco and herb mix.

Sweden has the lowest incident of lung and oral cancer in Europe because people have stopped smoking for Snusing. It has been studied to death and proven to be 98% safer than smoking, in the same league as coffee.

When Sweden joined the EU they were told to ban Snus, they got an exemption because of their fantastic no smoking record.

So I ordered some from, arrived in four days.

I can honestly say I am a changed man. I am getting the nicotine in a resonably safe way, no longer depressed and now losing weight. So much happier all round.

It is not nicotine that kills you, but the method of delivery.

Obviously it would be so much better to completely give up, but, if like me you just can't do it then this really is a safe(ish) alternative.

So the result is have I smoked? NO

Am I still getting nicotine? YES and in a safe manner.

I consider Snus far more satisfying than smoking.

I am a very happy Bitwobbly:D

Please feel free to ask questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

Here are some links for more information.

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First of all may I say it's fantastic to see yet another team10 member posting and doing well!

You are not smoking - end of story. Really well done!;)

I've never heard of Snusing before but am glad its working for you.

Yes I've suffered with the side effects of weight gain and even depression (although not as severe as yours by the sound of things...)

Just really happy to see you have succeeded! ;)


Thanks for that, really appreciated.

I just can't imagine why anyone would want to smoke when Snus is so much nicer, you can do it anywhere, there's no pasive smoking issues and it's very satisfying.

Thank you Sweden.



good to hear from you.........:D

it wouldnt be for me but if it works for you then brill !!:)


Is this any different from taking NRT permanently?


The difference being Snus containes more nicotine than gum etc.

They release nicotine over about 3/4 hr so give a nice steady hit.

They also taste nice (when you find the ones you like!)

I introduced a friend who was smoking 10 hamlet type cigars a day, he hasn't smoked since.

There is no doubt you would be better off not having any nicotine at all, but in my sad case the snus has saved me;):D

Also snus is addictive.



Very interesting, like others have said it doesn't sound right for me but if it helps you thats fine.

The last time I gave up I too had some depression, I don't know how its going to be comming off the NRT for me but time will tell and I'm already "needing" fewer, each day.

All the best,



I have now got to go in for aortic surgery due to a blockage in the bit supplying my legs. Can't walk very well.

So for gawds sake give up the fags, I used to think it wouldn't happen to me.:o

Well it bloody well has.:mad:

It's a bit of a wake up call I can tell you, so far I have lost a stone in weight and swimming 1000m a day (in 35mins) in an attempt to get as fit as possible for the surgery.




Whatever works,If I new about it when I started my quit I may have tried it.

Good luck on your upcoming surgery and congrats for not smoking.....:)


Well done Mate for still being smoke free. Good luck For your op. xxxxxx


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