No Smoking Day

day 36

hi all,, hope you are all doing well and still not smoking ,im on day 36 now and still not had a puff, its easy on the easy days i dont even think about smoking but i still get the odd hard day where i cant stop thinking about having one but this feeling does pass just hope when i finish the champix pills that i dont get the craving back really bad but i will deal with that when the time comes , im chewing on the airways gum alot as when im not i get the most horrible taste in my mouth not sure if its a side effect of the champix or all the rubbish coming up from the chest/lungs etc well good luck every one and dont smoke :D

ady :)

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Well done Ady :)

It was a dawdle for me coming off the Champix - I just forgot to take them a couple of days then decided not to bother taking any more :)


Hi Ady...

I'm just a few days behind you...and sounds like feeling pretty much same sort of stuff..and I'm on Champix too...:D

I get very cross on the "bad days" cos the good days are so "good"...:confused:

and I really want to get to the point where just don't have to think about it any more...

Don't think I'd call what I have "craves" but just a "I'm sure I should be doing something - oh yes smoking!!" thought!! :confused:

Hope it improves for us both - least we're not alone!!! LOL



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