Day 19, even writing that is great.

BUT...I have the most uncontrollable moodswings today and yesterday. I had to walk away from my office an hour ago cos I thought I was going do some harm to someone or my computer!! I haven't had anything as bad as this before and its hard to explain because I dont crave a fag- just want to either scream or cry?? Anyone else get this? It was so bad an hour ago that when I walked away from my computer Im glad I didnt bring my purse cos I wouldv'e walked to the shop and caved in.


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  • I know exactly what you mean. Strange things happen when we turn our backs on Ol' Nic :confused:

    You are doing brilliantly - Day 19 - Way To Go Sian! :D

    We've all just got to keep at it, always be on guard, and stay determined. Sorry I have no magic wand - I'd be using it on myself first if I had !:p

  • Thanks Barbara. I went for a wee walk and have my stress ball beaten to death. Fingers crossed I either find a magic wand or something changes soon. Otherwise Im becoming a hermit!! :)

  • Sian I had a terrible time with crying and anger.. still get really angry days now!

    All I can offer for advice is hang in there.. the emotional side to quitting creeps up on you and isn't really expected or thought about until it's happening so I think that makes it worse as you're not prepared for it!

    It DOES get easier and it does subside, just hold on tight until it does! You are doing so well! 19 days - you ROCK!! :D

  • Thank you! Glad to know it will get better, last time I quit I dont rem being this emotional!! Thanks for the support ladies! :)

  • hang-in-there

    hi sian.

    i know what you are going through. i been there, but its does get better.

    just think soon all this will be a thing of our pass.




    sound really good.. it will be hard giving-up because we are used to smoking

    but we can beat this. some days are a lot easyer than others but hang-in-

    there, bacause it is worth it.... we are alway here for you.

    best of luck. be thinking of you


  • Thanks Alan! Well done to you too!

    I'm almost into the third week- yay! :)

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