No Smoking Day
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evening team

evening all.

how are we all doing tonight. hope today been a bit easyer for some of the

team... went to the charlton football shop today and got a new coat. i paid

for it with the money i save so far from not smoking.. yes this is something

i can look at then say. by giving-up smoking this is what i got with the

money, feel good not waisting money on smoking any more. still get craving

but dont last long, keep-the-good-job-up-team,


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Well done Alan - glad to hear you are still going strong.

So am I and am on Day 17 - I really can't beleive I have come this far without major hurdles to overcome! OK, I have has a lot of wobbles, some severe but am proud I have got through them and have come out stronger the other side. Every time I have come through another mental set back I know I can use the previous bad time to push on through!

Here's to tomorrow!:D


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