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This damm frog!

I am constantly trying to clear my throat. I can't get a cough going for love nor money, and the more I try and get this frog out of my throat, the sorer my throat is becoming :rolleyes:

Does anyone else have this problem or am I perculiar? :rolleyes:

A girl at work has a continual "nervous cough" like this - I must ask her if she is an ex-smoker ;)

I have been quit for 1 Month, 1 Week, 1 Day, 22 hours, 37 minutes and 1 second (37 days). I have saved £189.70 by not smoking 758 cigarettes. I have saved 2 Days, 15 hours and 10 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 17/02/2008 22:00

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*exits thread as I iz not fond of peculiar people*



My rib breaking smokers cough subsided in a few days after I started my quit. But I have noticed in the last day or two that I've let a couple of dry ones go.

After 40 years of smoking I'm sure there must be few more coughs left to go.


sore throat

Yes i had that, and now my hubby has got it. You described it perfectly ...


Yes i had that, and now my hubby has got it. You described it perfectly ...

Praise be - I am not alone! How long did yours last Annette? It's really annoying, isn't it?

Sometimes I don't even bother trying to clear my throat, as I know it is futile.

I think I sound kinda sexy :rolleyes: until people ask me if I'm catching a cold:o


hi barb

Oh dear quite a while

Given up five weeks so - first weeks and a half I felt ok, then got sore throat for about 2 weeks. My hubby had sore throat for ages about three weeks, and this dry cough, he had to keep clearing his throat.

I was pretty ill actually, and I know it was to do with giving up smoking, so I just kept telling myself I was healing ..... I had flu symptons

Some people are ill some arnt there is no rhyme or reason .....

Anyway i feel ok now hope you do soon ....


My frog's lasted nearly 8 months!!:eek:

It's a bloomin' nuisance at times and like you, I don't cough at all now(and don't cough up phlegm unless got a cold) just the froggy huskiness. I also find it a real effort to raise my voice in a noisy atmosphere.:(


I think Catwoman is right. I'm off to docs tonight for something else but I might just mention this cough as I have still got it - not as bad as you though Barbara. Hope you are feeling better soon.:)



By all means go to the doc it can't do no harm better safe than sorry, but I don't know why it seems to be only me on this forum ... but I can count on one hand how ill poeple have got for quite a while when they gave up. I wasnt the only unlucky one.

I was really ill for about three weeks, and my husband was for about two weeks. A friend of the family was really really ill for about four months!!! the hospital told her it was her giving up smoking, her body went into shock as such.

I must admit I was in the complete dark about it all, I thought I was going to feel wonderfull and so did most poeple I met, then when I got ill, all of a sudden people were telling me how ill they had been aswell. My doctoer confirmed it was me giving up smoking ...

If you read up on the web - it tells you that you could suffer before you get better.

Flu symptoms I mean real flu .. which can knock you off your feet

Anyway, me and my hubby know it wasnt just a coincidence..

still we feel great now ....


Never a truer word ...... the way I look at it .... is if your body couldnt not handle the quit, sooner or later something would of happended .. if you don't mind me saying.

Please don't get me wrong...

I would never not condone giving up, when i really ill for that amount of time, I wasnt angry at not smoking .... I was angy that I had managed to smoke all them years, and about what had I been doing to myself by smoking.

I called it my healing time - no pain no gain, I couldnt blame anyone else but the weed and myself.

If you get what i mean ....


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