Here goes with Day 2

Hi All

Thanks for all your help on my last puffing day. Well I made it to the next day. Had a horrendous night sleep - if you could call it sleep! Was awake most of the night and suffered cold sweats - what the h@ll is that about, I thought that as I was using NRT the withdrawal wouldn't be as bad - yeah right......

Woken up a right moody witch this morning, oh if only I could fast forward a few months!!

Anyway, good luck to all the other day two-ers and beyond!


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  • Hiya

    Am using Microtabs and inhalor, didn't use the Mictrotabs after 6pm but did use the inhalor up until bedtime. Just surprised as this feels like I would imagine withdrawal to feel.

    THanks for your reply.


  • Thanks Rick,

    Was just reading some of your words of wisdom on another thread.

    Noticed you used the Microtabs, how did you get on with them? I'm finding they stay under my tongue for at least 30 mins and burn slightly. How long did you use them for? I have a feeling I'm not using enough NRT, the microtabs say one an hour, think I only had about 6 all day yesterday.

    I'm quite stressed about stopping, in fact I think that although I REALLY want to do it I've let myself down many times before by giving in and that's really hurt.

    Anyway, thanks for helping out a newbie!


  • Hope,

    In the darkness, there is always 'hope'.

    I have found personally that Cold Turkey has been both liberating and the most speedy way of giving up.

    One thing is for sure though, 7 very slow days that take forever to end and things start looking and feeling a lot better.

    I think the biggest battle for a quitter is to psychologically get their heads round how nicotine actually affects the smoker and what to expect from the withdrawl. Please check my links is an excellent resource to understand and study your enemy. Once informed it is a lot easier to defeat the beast.

  • hi jane ,,,well done on reaching day 2,keep it up ,, im on day 2 asswell ,goodluck


  • Hang in there from another "day 2'er".

    WE can do it!!!!

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