No Smoking Day

im here,

HI everyone in team D-Day.

well how great is this. week 3 and still going strong. really is good to see

some of the team here. and as ..KD.. said it does get better as the days

go by. we will still get craving from time to time but they will not last for long.

not like when we first gave-up. im finding it much more easyer now,

but am still takeing each day as it come, going out on friday night to a

birthday meal... and birthday-boy was my smoking partner.. every time we

went out. me and him was alway outside having a smoke.. will feel a bit funny

not going out with him after all those years... but im feeling stronger and

stronger as each day go by.... i will let you know how i get on.....

oh well team. got to go now. looking forward to seeing more of the team on

later... take care. keep up the good work everyone,

the very best....

Alan :):):):)


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