No Smoking Day
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Whey Hey - Day 3!

Well day 3 has come and almost gone, and I'm still resisting! Actually wasn't too bad today...apart from horrendous munchies all day! Yep...ate for Scotland today...and won the gold medal! Everything from wine gums to waffles, and enjoyed every bite! Think a diet might be in order soon!

Back to docs in the morning for a fresh supply of Champix, then Smoking Cessation class in the afternoon. That's almost an entire day taken up with no smoking activities. Little or no work at all getting done tomorrow!

Anyway, tomorrow I get to post in the Day 4-7 section. What a milestone! Looking forward to it.

Well done to all the non smokers. Keep up the great work.

I'm off to bed now, before I eat anything else!

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Well done Allan. You will be suprised how quickly the days do pass by.

Keep strong!


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