No Smoking Day
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Day One Nearly Over!

Day 10 of Champix, and day 1 smoke free. Last light up was Sunday night, so 24 hours without the dreaded nic! Still had some cravings during the day, but not as bad as I thought they would be.

Came home from work and thought that instead of lying on the couch, I'd keep myself busy. First on the list, was to fix the cistern, which hasn't flushed for ages. Half an hour, and job done! Why has it taken so long to get round to a 30 minute job? Floors were next...all brushed and mopped...which took ages, considering the hadn't been done for goodness knows how long. Then some laundry duties, a quick tidy up, shower, dinner, and now I'm too knacked to even think about a smoke!

Conclusion - My household duties have been neglected cos I've been too busy smoking!

Ramble over! I'm off to bed now.

Well done to everyone. Keep up the great work.

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Well done allen and good luck for tomorrow , when you have finished mine would love a spring clean ;)


Well done Allan! That's the PMA we like to hear in here!! Keep it up! :D


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