week 2 - I almost ruined everything!

Hi to all have reached week 2. I did this morning. Was feeling so positive this morning and it all came crashing down around my ears later this afternoon after a total bitch of an afternoon at work! Although the feeling has mainly passed now I was THAT close to rushing down the petrol stations for a pack of fags!!

Realising after a while that it wouldn't really get me anywhere I stopped myself but I really could have thrown the towel in today.

Still, I haven't and I am still alive so it just prooves that even in the most awful situation smoking doesn't really help!

Hope everyone else on week 2 is feeling more positive.


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  • Well done Samo

    You've done well today.

    It's just an automtic reaction to grab a fag when you're under pressure or stressed.

    But you know what? Won't make anything better and definately won't make you feel any better.

    You've won this particular fight - onwards and upwards - you're on your way to winning this war:D

  • Thanks for words of encouragement guys.

    I plan to stay strong and not let this beat me. Today was horrid and by far started off the best I have been feeling for the last week and ended the worst. Still, I have stopped crying now (!) and can only hope that tomorrow is a better day. :rolleyes:

    I am proud of myself though for not turning back to what I thought used to be such a support for me. Smoking or not smoking - I would still have had a s**t day and my feelings about what happened today would be no different whether I had smoked or not - really does show that smoking brings you nothing!

    If I had have given in I know I would:

    a) have stunk!

    b) have a feeling in my mouth like a manky old carpet

    c) have been gutted for failing

    and d) probably felt sick as a dog for having got through an entire pack of 20!

    It's SO not worth it!

  • Congrats for not giving in samo. That is whats most important! That is the most positive thing to come out of a rotten day! Go you :) x

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