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Pets and smoking

Hi all,

Just found a piece on an old BBC news page that mentions how bad it is to smoke around your pet, especially cats apparently. Cats get feline lymphoma really easily from secondhand cigerette smoke and dogs get cancer. Very worrying especially as I have recently got a new cat. I guess it makes sense -they must have tiny little lungs anyway.

The RSPCA are thinking of bringing in checks if you want to rescue a pet to make sure it doesn't go to a smoking household.

Just a little nugget of info for those pet owners who might fall of the wagon. I've printed the page off a stuck it on my fridge door.

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I have 2 boxers who spend a lot of time in the kitchen when hubby is in there smoking :mad:

I will be showing him your post tonight!

Spring is coming an little does hubby know but I intend to gently nudge him and his cigarettes towards the garden, which will become his new "smoking area"

.....AND he's not getting back in when the snow comes! :D


Oh noooo you don't think it would affect animals too. Ah my poor little pussy cats, i'll buy them a treat just to say sorry. :(


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