Heya everyone... what a day... wait... what a week! Three days ago I spent almost 8 hours in a space not much larger then a dogs cage almost upside down with an air chisel (think man sized soda can with a wide pen stuck through the middle that i had to maneuver around inside)... yesterday i had to finish that job, and then 55 feet up on a sky lift had to lean inside a pipe and pound away debris about 20 feet down a 45 degree angle with a really heavy piece of iron. Today... everything went wrong... shovelled stuff out of multiple locations at work for 3/4 of my shift, snapped at a coworker, and realized after work while getting changed to go home that i have massive bruising under my left bicep, and on four of my left side ribs... i'm guessing it was from the first day's job... but anywho... i'm sore... all over... angry... all over... tired... all over... and elated that i have stuck to my guns and not bought any smokes. (had to throw that in cause its true.) I'm so proud of everyone here, as we are all struggling, in many different ways, but i also know we can do it!


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  • Sorry you've had another crappy day. They just keep coming don't they?! And too right you should feel elated at not smoking any cigs! You've done real well to resist the urge to buy some smokes when sometimes its all you can think about! Sounds like your job can be fairly stressful sometimes...and what with having smokers around you too! Must get pretty hard sometimes.

    Hope that score improves for you soon!

    Well done the Viking!! :D

  • Weekend comes after tomorrow :) Can't wait! Oh, check your pm box, forum mailman should have delivered my reply by now lol.


  • Excellent! The thing is we all KNOW we are not going to smoke again!

  • yeh...what Louise said :confused:


  • louise put "KNOW" in caps... we better listen to her maddy!

  • Am i still not making sense??!!! Damn it!!!!

  • lol you are making perfect sense! I have changed my signature again, the cow deserved to be in it.

  • Can you attach the cow pic to the signature?

  • the plan is... once everyone gets off their non smokin butts and makes a sketch, i will get all the pics together in a team fm banner hopefully

  • Well tomorrow's the deadline, or the others are in trouble with maddie :eek:

  • yep... so far we have annette, louise, maddy, meeru, and viking pics.

    Manolo, Kenny, Kimh, Lynttrl, Marion if she is part of team still to come. Come on FM!

  • Darn right they are in trouble if they do not submit their pics! They gonna get '40 of the best' if they do not do their task! :D

    Then, they can go sit on the nortie step until such a time us 'goody two shoes' decide to let them off.

    lol @ freedomoo again. Nutta! (said in the nicest possible way of course :p)

    Right, got a lovely pang for a fag comin' on again so I'm gonna go clean my lil bratlings!

    Have a good eve everyone :cool:


    Just felt like posting that.

    No reason.


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