No Smoking Day

DAY 11 and struggling

well i have managed to get to day 11:)

not sure if its the patches but i feel really unwell, flu like. , shakey ,blocked nose..thought it was a cold to start with bit no cold has arrived.

did anyone else feel like this on patches.

i dont want to come off them as they do take the cravings off.wondering if to gone down a strengh as i'm on the full strengh.

its the 24hr patch but i do take it off before i go to bed.

i thought i would feel better in myself if i stopped smoking, bit i dont at the mo.:mad:

sorry to go on about it.

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I had the same symptoms once... a few years back in one of my many quits... with patches... shaky, nervous, flu like symptoms... i was getting too much nicotine... but can't say for certain that is your problem too... i'm stuffed up today too... perhaps day 11 is nose problem day?




I sympathise. I felt rotten for a good 3 weeks when I quit. Sore throat, headaches, chest pains.. just generally ill like I was getting flu but nothing happened.. It's not nice but I think it's pretty normal.

Try and accept it for what it is.. your body is healing and expelling all the junk - it's got to make you feel rubbish, but it's not for long.. promise!!

Hang in there and ride it out - it's SO worth it! Day 11 is fantastic - you may have a few more up's and down's but you've come this far which is brilliant! No matter how rough you feel stick with it.. there's nice things a little further on - trust me! You WILL FEEL GREAT!! :D


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