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No Smoking Day
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Hi folks,

I am looking for advice here.

I am on 3rd week of Champix, 2nd week of quit, and finding it relatively easy, however.........

My sleep patterns have become very disrupted. I am so tired I go to bed around 10pm, usually wake around 3am and manage to get back to sleep, though I don't believe I am getting into a deep sleep, then I am up around 5am. Now this isn't too unusual for me, I've always been "early to bed, early to rise", but the pattern has been getting worse over the last few days, and the worst was last night - asleep by 10.30pm, awake again at 1.30am, only this time I couldn't go back to sleep for love nor money. I had to skip work today, I felt like a zombie when I got up, honestly I was staggering about as if drunk.

I am trying to stay awake now, get as much fresh air and be as active as possible, and am planning a nice bath for later on this evening.

But I am also contemplating skipping my evening doze of Champix, anyone know if this is a good idea or have any better suggestions?


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Hi OneMoreTry

Congratulations on 3 weeks!

Have you tried taking the evening dose earlier? What time do you currently take them?



hiya, what time you taking your evening pill? i took mine about 6-7pm to avoid the dreams everyone gets, which i only had a couple.

i was also very tired on them but its eased off now, and most of the time , im forgetting the evening pill, i havnt felt any different either!

but i wouldnt skip it, maybe half it, see if that helps.


I take them at 7am and 7pm - I've not had any dreams (that I remember anyway) - I'll try taking half a pill tonight.

How long have you been on them Jude?


Also - cut right down on caffeine - this includes tea/coffee and coke.

I am still having the dreams (take mine at 8 am and 8pm) but I do not wake up (unless I am dreaming of aliens abducting me :) This is a recurring theme and I wake up terrified!


hiya, ive been on them about 6 weeks (i think) try taking them a bit earlier or half one, see how you go

like i said, i havent found any difference when ive forgotton one or halved one, im still not smoking :)

good luck hun


Champix - the ultimate way to quit smoking



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