No Smoking Day

New Here

Hello Everyone

This Site Is Great, Really Gives You A Boost To Hear Everyones Stories And Know Your Not Alone.

Smoked 20 For 34 Years Cut Down To 10 Over Last 6 Months By Not Smoking In The House. Just Put On Patch 7 Drinking Lots Of Water And Orange Juice Not Been To Bad, Apart From Feeling Sick When I Put A Patch On, Now I Eat First And I Can't Sleep. This Might Sound Silly But I Put An Elastic Band On My Wrist And Flicked It While Telling Myself Why I Was Giving Up, Now If I Get Tempted I Flick It. It Worries Me When I'm At Work We Can't Smoke But We Can Go Outside, I Work Late In A Cab Office When People Are Not At They're Best (drunk) And It's Really Frustrating. I Coped Last Weekend And I Did Have A Couple Of Runs Ins, But Thats Where I'm Most Vunerable.

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Congrats on your quit Cup.

Sumeone was talking about the band the other day. (not on site) They said they found it really helpfull. Keep posting it do help alot to know others are doing the same thing. Linda xxxx


Well done cupcake.

I might try that with the elastic band. Better to twang allday then smoke:D

Barb x


Better to twang allday then smoke:D

ALWAYS Barb always.....! ;)

Edit: Sorry cupcake - I was too busy with my innuendo that I forgot to say welcome on board!


ALWAYS Barb always::D:D:D



WELCOME CUPCAKE.........your on a winner here mate. good luck xxx :D


Hello and wlcome to the forum xx


Welcome cupcake x x x x

Love the twanging idea!! sounds very good!!

I remove my patch before 9pm to help sleep later on x x

Sleeping can be an issue for the first few weeks anyways :o

Have you tried a herbal remedy for sleep? it may help you?

Stay strong x x

~Buffy x x



Thanks For The Warm Welcome And Advice About Sleeping, Hope The Elastic Band Idea Helps Others.


Hello Cupcake and a warm welcome...Think i will give the elastic band a try myself.


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