No Smoking Day

Day one day one....erk

Well it's my first day being a non-smoker after taking Champix for a week now.

All is good apart from the constant worry that I will fail before the day is out, even though im not actually craving to smoke at all really, I'm thinking about cigs a hell of a lot, but not actually craving them.

The side effects havent been too bad, just the weird weird weird dreams that im having and difficulty sleeping. I felt sick after my first ever tablet but only that one time. I also keep feeling like im a bit ill, sore throat and headache etc, but it doesnt normally last very long.

Anyway, It's my first post on this forum so hello to all, hope it's all going well :)

FM x

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welcome and all the best of luck, there are a few people taking chantix/champix on here so i'm sure you will be inundated with help.




I have been taking Chantix for 8 days now.I made my quit date the very first day on Chantix and so far ok. I do relate to your experience of feeling a bit sick..make sure you eat and drink lots of water to wash it down. If you are not craving then that is half the battle. It is so good to see so many people quitting this disgusting habit..Glad you are here!!


welcome to the site. ive been on champix now for 3 weeks. ivw stopped for 10 days. honestly the thought do get fewer. i do think of having a cig but mainly out of habit now, you'll get there. jeep on this forum, it really does help


keep up the great work :D


Hello and Welcome. Good luck with your quit. I am taking my first Champix today.


well done, the champix is really good, and ive found that after a couple of weeks my side effects have gone.

jude x


Welcome F M

Congrats on your quit you will have great suport here. They are a fab lot of people. Linda xxxxxx


Thanks guys :)

Definitely nice to have some support using this forum. I'm surprised It's going this well so far, although it is only day 2. I guess as all my previous attempts I have failed miserably very early on, I keep thinking the same will happen here. One day at a time i guess.

Best of luck to everyone else quitting too.


Just take one day at a time.

Champix really helps but at the end of the day it is down to you :) Youll be strong some days and others you may feel a bit differently. Youll always get loads of support and help on here though :D

I quit with the help of champix and its 6 and a bit months now since i last had a cig.

Best of luck and enjoy the dreams!


welcome to the forum F,M. its a great team, pop in any time you need us, or just for the great :D


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