90 days!!!

Yes folks a whole 90 days without so much as a teeny tiny puff!! On the last couple of weeks of the champix. Been weaning off slowly and am down to 1/2mg per day. Hasn't been easy peasy lemon squeezy (at least not in the beginning) but its got sooooooooooooo much easier now. I don't really think about cigs anymore except when something reminds me like all the quit smoking ads. they are showing on tv at the moment.Funny thing is I can actually watch them now without feeling mega guilty or embarassed!:)

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  • Well done kazza, what a tremendous acheivement you must feel so proud!

    Hopefully I will be seeing you soon, as my new quit date is set for january 7th, so Ill be seeing you in that penthouse. :D

  • Karen look at you doing just amazingly good and about to start the new year in the best possible way ever! So proud of you hun, you're a s u p e r s t a r !!! img.photobucket.com/albums/...

  • WEll done Karen your a star Love Linda xxxx

  • Well done Karen!

    Almost to 100!!! :D I am glad to hear you are doing so well!

  • Wow karen. your out there showing us all how eh ? dont leave us though we need sucsess stories every now and rhen to show it realy is possible. xxx

  • 90 days! Wow, Kazza, you're a super star! Well done.:)

  • Big well done Kazza keep plodding on ::)

    71 days for me

  • Well Done Karen, You Are Brilliant..... :D

    And I Have Just Realized Im On 80 Days Today As Well..... ;)

    Pattie X

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