No Smoking Day

Day 4 - Managed night out!

Hi guys,

Have a headache but not sure if it's champix or vodka inflicted!

Went out last night with a group of friends and 3 of them are smokers, hadn't told them I quit so I could tell them in person and enjoy the looks on their faces. Got in my friends car and two of them were smoking, it smelt nice but the smoke was awful - felt like I was suffocating! With the smoking ban in the UK it meant they had to go outside in the freezing cold to smoke and I sat in the lovely warm club! I had a few wobbly moments but sucked on my straw a bit harder, and that helped! So pleased I managed my 1st night out without the evil weed, normally when drink is involved is when I fail.

Thanks for your support everyone, so nice to have at this difficult time.


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Well Done Jayne!

Great achievement going out and having a drink too.. it`s a real test having that first night out and you`ve passed with flying colours!!!

I`m sure the headache will ease as the day goes on.


Awsome and well done hang in there the days and nights will get better :)


Well done Jayne

Hope the head is not to bad. Dont think hangover is so bad when you dont smoke.Linda xxxxxx


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