No Smoking Day
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Made it to day 7!!

Hi everyone

Wooo and indeeed hoooooooo!!

I have made it further than i expected and its been easier than expected. I'm still execting a few bad days to come along but so far so good :)

This morning when i woke up a cigarette wasn't my very first thought and i didn't think about it much at all.

Having a good day so far and very pleased with myself.

Thanks to everyone here too. Reading through old threads as well as new has helped keep me motivated.

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Well done Jemima you are doing excellent keep up the good work.

The weekend just gone was my first 48 hour period where I didn't even think about smoking once, It was a great feeling realising I'd gone 2 days without it crossing my mind.

Not saying its plain sailing but it deffo does get easier.



Going strong Jemima, keep going!!

Looking forward to yacking to you as you advance through all the forums couple of days and I'll be joining you in week 2 :)

Kind rgds,



WELCOME to you newbies, Ha! you got a head start on the newyears day quiters eh? best of luck mates will soon get to know you eh? xxx


Well you worked me out there Dossydo.... I figured if I waited till New Year I'd be putting a REAL large amount of pressure on myself to fail. So 2 weeks or so ahead of the game had to help me..... I won't let family, myself or all of you down, so hello I'll be here for sometime now ;)


Good on you mate. bring it on eh? we always here good days and bad. GOOD LUCK xxx:D


well done jemima- 7 days what a star!


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