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I feel like I am a different person


hello again,

I had a post under "3 weeks" section last week and here is the update.

Day 30 and still going very well, I am doing really good indeed.

We had Christmas party last weekend, I had a few beers and I was around smokers, it never bothered me.

This is amazing, I have not had any withdraws all that time. The only time I thought about cigarettes (not smoking) was when I was feeling sad. But that thoughts goes away in a short time.

As I mentioned on my previous post, I am on Champix. I asked my doctor if I should continue taking them. She said yes, I should take the same amount of dosage for the next 2 months. ( 1mg, twice a day)

Ok, I don't mind taking them but the side affects are killing me.

First one is the dreams, almost every night I have non stop dreams all night. Thank God, they are not nightmares. But I still wake up more tired then before going to bed.

And the second one is, I feel very tired during the day, perhaps this is related to dreams and I am not getting proper sleep, but I wonder if there is another explanation.

Well folks, I am going to cut this one short, since I am too tired to type any longer :)

Cheers everyone


PS: English is not my native language, please except my apologies for the poor grammar.

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Hi Harrybarry, sounds as if you are doing really well! :D

I was on Champix too and came off rather suddenly (through ignorance!). Anyway - I'm still sleeping more than I used to and also feeling tired but I'm not sure why that is either. If I weigh up what I prefer: feeling tired but sleeping too much vs

stinking of smoke,

coughing for my country,

spending loads of money,

feeling panic if I run out of smokes,

standing in the cold,

being entirely dependent,

kidding myself I could stop,

breathing crap all over my grandkids,

well you get my drift!;)

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