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Arrival at Month 3!

Here I am, arriving into month three of my quit. I know, numbering the weeks, days, and months gets complicated, what with irregular number of weeks or days in a month. Like Europeans calling the floor at ground level the ground floor and the next floor the "first floor", and Americans, Russians, and Chinese calling the ground floor the "first floor," well, what's important is not starting back up.

Incidentally, I have found something more painful than quitting smoking, and that's quitting electricity. Last Monday, we had a terrible ice storm where I live, which knocked down an uncountable number of trees, which in turn brought down the power lines. I haven't had electricity since then, and it's been cold. While I went out and bought a generator on Thursday, which is enough to run the central heating, a few lights, the computer, and cable television, I don't have it running full time.

So, anyway, I want to say that I like being an electricity user, I like using lots of it, and I like using it all the time! I can't wait to start using it again full time, as much as possible! YES!

Meanwhile, I am into my third month of my quit, I don't like cigarettes, I will never, ever start them again, and if I ever see another cigarette again it will be too soon. NO! to cigarettes.

We need to pick and choose our habits wisely....

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Congrats on reaching month 3 rob!!! Whereabouts are you to have such bad weather?I did see a report on the news about the ice. It looked really bad.


Welcome to Month 3 Rob, friendsforever.foren-city.d... done on getting through some tricky times!:)

Hope your ice storm has abated - are you in Stephen King movie?:D


Congrats, and remember, to choose electricity over cigarettes! LOL


Well done Rob! Congrats on your month 3 mark, I love your attitude and you're so right, there are sooo many things so much more fun and interesting and actually useful than a stinkin smoke, ugh!!! :p:D


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