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Into month 2

should I be in here or what. 4 weeks today, so still 1 month but heading into month 2 - ok I'll stay where I am. Just an update. I'm a Champix user - well I was until yesterday morning. Came to the conclusion they were making me positively suicidal and I was suffering from severe anxiety. I didn't feel as though I was me anymore (albeit a no smoking me). So anyhow after a good old chat with smoking cessation lady last night we have decided that I stop taking them. So I have and I do feel much better. Having said that I wouldn't have got where I am (4 weeks not smoking) without the help of Champix. So I guess I'm cold turkeying the rest of the way now. Please, I don't want to put anyone off taking Champix, I guess they are still new and being tried and there is a huge success rate with them especially from users of this this site. Just sharing my experience with you in case anyone else feels the same way. I guess with every new drug some people will be able to tolerate them better than others. Take care all :)

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Well done :D

It's nice to be able to jump up to the next section to post!! Have a lovely weekend!!


Cheers folks - off to Spain for a long weekend. Feel a little bit better this morning but the hangover from hell is killing me......


Well done Cazbags welcome into month 2 oh and can i sneak in your suitcase its freeeeeeeeeeezing here summit like -2 and frosty.

Merry smoke free xmas Caz :)


Here's to month two Caz (got a bottle of white going down here)

My wife hit the Zyban on the head for the very same reasons (anxiety swings bordering on the sucidal) two weeks into our quit. Sadly she is back on the weed, 2-3 a day at the moment. I'm just going to let her do it her way, obviously she's not quite ready for it yet.

Well done you, here's to us


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