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No Smoking Day
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major urge/trigger

I'm on day 45 today and for the last couple of days have been suffering with a bad back, trapped nerve or something.

Having suffered with a dodgy back for about 10 years, previously I would of dealt with the pain by chain smoking and swallowing pain killers.

I'm really struggling with the fact that I'm not smoking this time and I'm finding it really difficult to deal with the pain!!!

I've not given in and thought I'd post here to get some support and to use the typing as a bit of release.

Thought I'd met and beat most triggers for smoking but obviously not.

Anyway all i can say is that I won't smoke today and tomorrow I'll deal with when it arrives.


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That's an interesting observation.

Now you mention it I too recall smoking a lot when in pain despite there being no painkilling properties in nicotine.

It could be the calming effect of regular deep breathing or just being at the peak of your mental state with a fully topped up nicotine supply..

either way...

stop it..!

repeat, "we're not at home to mr nicotine" :)

oh, and find some lovely drugs for your back.. :(


cheers mate, found some drugs for my back and i'm feeling GGRREEAATT now


cheers mate, found some drugs for my back and i'm feeling GGRREEAATT now

them big fizzy ones do it for me.....

just disolve them first otherwise they're a swine to get down :D


Hey daz, sorry that you were in pain and congrats for resisting the urge! You made the right decision, it can be pretty hard from time to time but smoking would only ease your pain for a couple mins then you'd feel SO bad about giving in - no need to do that to yourself as you have proven to be way stronger that that :)


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