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Into week 3

Hi all - toddling my way into week 3 - huge achievement for me. Just wanted to share a story with you from last night. Two of my teenage son's friends came calling for him. I invited them inside while he was getting ready. They both commented on how fresh the house smelled. I told them that myself and my partner had both stopped smoking. They both congratulated us and said well done. One of his friends said "now my mum won't know I've been at Joe's house anymore" ? why - because he won't be going home stinking like an old ashtray (how embarrassing). I honestly never realised how bad the smell was before. Even more determined to stay quit. I know I should be feeling quite chuffed with myself but I'm so tired and feeling really down that its taking the edge off. I hope to start feeling better soon so I can start to enjoy the no smoke me. Can anyone tell me - is it the Champix making me feel this way or the actual stopping smoking and withdrawal from nic.

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Well done Caz. I am also just into week 3 - this being day 22 for me, and for Joanlaw too. Where are you Joanlaw??? Hope all is well with you


Cazbags I felt soooo tired on the champix and soooo lethargic seemed to act like a sedative on me!! I cut down before recommended time cos I wanted to feel like me again but that was after about 3 months. But take care if you do cut down, take it slowly.

I only take 2 a week now so not so tired. It's worth it tho cos NOT SMOKING now!!!!

Stick wiv em if you can they're the magic pill!!:D


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