No Smoking Day

Day 3

I've been to the doctor and renewed my Champix prescription. Had an urge to have a ciggy whilst I was waiting for dinner to cook, but of course I don't have any and it soon passed. I think these 'urges', although they're fleeting rather than anything else, are down to a habitual behaviour rather than a craving. It's what I've done for so many years - and let's face it, suddenly stopping something you've done (in my case) 20 times a day (or more on a bad day!), no matter what that 'something' is, is going to be strange. Add the fact that your particular 20 times a day 'something' was highly addictive and you realise you shouldn't be surprised that sometimes it just feels odd not to be doing it anymore!

My son beamed at me this evening when we went into the local co-op for a few groceries. I deliberately went to the till at the cigarette kiosk and the girl instinctively reached behind her for a packet of cigarettes for me. I stopped her with a "No thanks, I don't smoke anymore". I looked at my son and he was just grinning from ear to ear. The first thing he did when we got back to the house was run to check the quit meter on my pc - then he hugged me and told me he was so proud of me.

That in itself is pure gold and worth more than any other benefit of quitting!

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I am so pleased for you. My daughter whos 14 now hugs me all the time now and tells me how proud she is now I've quit at last. B4 she used to cringe if I stood within 2 feet of her. Spurs you on doesnt it.Well done on day 3 sweetie.:)


wow Inderellie, that's just brilliant! Well done you..


that is such a wonderful thing


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