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No Smoking Day
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It was my bodies decision

Ok, well you all might be asking your bodies decision and only answer i can give is that I was really not aware of the decision i made or when it was decided, like I have said I wanted to give up but was never ready.

I knew I wanted to start getting healthy, I was starting to listen to my body and my body was struggling I felt like I was a 80 year old with my breathing but I am as young as 22, I felt like I was dying and the dreams of lung cancer did kick in. One morning without realising, i had quit.

I think my body took over and took over my way of thinking and has made me very strong and determined to get through. It was like when I was asleep my body had a meeting and said once she wakes up no more fags.

I'm just happy cause I have never felt this strong ever when I have given up and I know now I can finally feel so much better about becoming pregnant in the future (have to work on husband to quit)

Good Luck to everyone else and seriously I do believe that this addiction is in the head - Your body does not want it - Or need it!!

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