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No Smoking Day
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Normality Agak

Hi peeps,

Into week 11 now (how cool am I!!!) Have to say it’s been an up and down ride to get this far, but still hanging in. Anyways – on the whole throughout this journey I have felt proud of myself, but also aware that I didn’t feel quite right and was detaching myself from my family unintentionally – you know what I mean, I just didn’t feel like me anymore and felt lost (I know it’s normal). I was just hoping that this feeling would lessen with time, but so far it hasn’t. Now I am worried that a lot of my friends and family keep saying that I seem distant and remote. Even my partner (who doesn’t smoke), says he is so proud of me, but that most of the time he feels like he is treading on eggs all the time and just wants to get back to a “normal” life.

I feel I am driving everyone away, even the kids, and I hate it. I guess I just need reassurance that it’s not always going to feel like this, and I will again be the “normal me” – whatever that is!

Sorry to waffle on so.

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