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Weight gain ?

Hi all 28 days today for me and its been easier than i expected thus far.

Anyhow iv'e seen a few posts on here lately about weight gain so i decided to get weighed on 24/11/07 i weighed 14st 11lb.I haven't been weighed for ages so i dont know if this is good or bad yet but i intend getting weighed every week or two weeks and will keep you all posted on the outcome.

I do like my food always have done but i dont think iv'e eaten more or less during this quit.

Has anybody got a good link to a forum like this 1 but for weight loss,sorry mods if i shouldn't be asking for this link.

Reading this forum has really helped thank you all keep posting :rolleyes:

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;) Hi there! Oh the dreaded weight gain from the no smoking...sigh what can we do?!! If anyone does know of a weight lose forum like this, I too would love to hear about it. :D

Welcome and congrats on day 28 ~~~ AMAZING!! Keep up the good work and don't worry so much about your weight right now. Not smoking is a huge enough accomplishment alone so if your scales tip a bit, don't freak you can always slim down a bit when the cravings subside ;)


To be honest i could do with losing weight and now i have half conquered this smoking thing im on a roll so i really want to start now while everything is good :rolleyes:


I hear ya! Don't let your guard down though ~ that damn nic demon gets you when you least expect it! You are doing super though, so on to weight lose now ;)

Ok so whoever finds the weight lose forum first must post to announce to the rest where we can sign up :D


Think I might pass on this one!!! lo


their is a weight loss and diet forum .. I am in that one too but I don't know the name..... try this and have look around

and you can start diarioes and stuff. I hope I don't get in trouble for writing this is there any reason why i would its just helping :)


Thanks clear the air.

I will join that forum if a few more off here are,see if we can make it as good as this forum ;)

ps i have joined now


I've subscribed to an email thing ......can't find it now but think it's smoking cessation....anyhow it gives various bits of advice and throws a few facts around....such as half an hour of walking per day can prevent half a stone weight increase in six months!

No idea if it's true......but I've got so much surplus energy I have to walk it off somehow.


Hey Linlin that is amazing :eek:

I have been on a weight loss forum and have cut down on my food intake,drinking plenty of water and amazingly was doing a 30 minute walk at the time of your post :rolleyes:

You must be psychic,stalking me (only joking) or can see me via webcam lol my aim is to try and change my lifestyle eating wise rather than diet so im taking it nice and slowly.

Oh and 31 days smoke free now :)


Hi Michael

You're way ahead of me....10 whole days! I'm already beginning to feel uncomfortable weight-wise and I swear after my next bar of chocolate, I'm also going to cut down.......or spend more of my time exercising (to make up for the extra food).


Hi all - I joined that weight loss forum and lemme tell ya; this one is WAYYYYY better. That forum is harder to follow and know whats happening. I am a member though and trying to find my way around that forum. I kinda hate it there, but it may be okay when I know how it works :confused:


What forum is it? Is it just for weightloss or smoking too?


Its just for weight loss Kazza see clear the airs post in this thread for the link.It is difficult at 1st to manouvere around like No smoke4me says but you soon get used to it.

By the way i got weighed today and weigh 14st 8 lb a loss of 3lb in 6 days.My BMI has dropped from 31.4 too 30.9.You can do both at once :)

On the smoking front 32 days now and not a single blip :)


Yahoo Michael! That's great! :D


Quick update im on day 38 now without any ciggies and no blips at all.Still using the micro tabs but only 6-8 per day you can take up to 40 per day apparently.

As for the weight well i got weighed today and i am 14st 8lb exactly the same as 6 days ago but a total loss of 3lb in 2 weeks.

Haven't smoked for 5 weeks 2 days 19 hours 35 mins

Cigarettes not smoked 756

Saving £79-38


Super star! You are doing amazing. Thanks for the update, and also good for you for losing weight at the same time as not smoking - thats huge!


Its great when people give updates on how their doing - well done, gives me inspiration;)


Hello Plansdiet,

Welcome to the forum, and when did you give up smoking?????

Are you going cold turkey or are you using SPAM?



Am i missing something here ?

Would somebody care to explain :confused::confused::confused:


Right thanks Boudee i was confused then lol

Why dont Mods just put on a post its been removed save confusing me :D:D:D


Hi again all

Just another quick update on my progress so far.I got weighed again today and was 14st 7lb so a 1lb loss this week and 4lb in total (3 weeks) im happy enough with that at least its going in the right direction.

As for the smoking still haven't had 1 single drag on a ciggie still using the micro tabs but only 2/3 per day im thinking of stopping them altogether soon.

46 days now smoke free thats 920 ciggies not smoked.

Here's to a smoke free xmas to everyone on this forum :)


Michael, you seem to be getting on really well. On the weight loss, I'd consider that for every week you don't loose weight - it's still a lb potentially lost, as giving up the weed tends to encourage weight gain, so still cause for congratulation.

You're about 10 days ahead of me but I've decided to stay on full strength everything over Christmas as it can be such a stressful time. I'll think about reducing the nrt after New Year and carry on being a patchwork doll till then. NRT, HRT - I'm stuck all over. Will stick a patch on hubby if he gets stroppy!

Must also start my 30 minute walks again.....


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