No Smoking Day
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Day 10, nothin to it :P

im starting day 10 still hangin in there on the patches. the thanksgiving week was quite a challenge. ive conquered many many obstacles in which i would normally be smoking up a storm. long road trip(4hr) to visit relatives, driving the trip alone, totally gorging out on food several times. had to babysit my sisters heathens for a couple hours. went out with a few friends in the evening. got called into work in the middle of the night which is annoying and stressful. several times i was tempted to give up on the quit but the temptations normally subsided as quickly as they came. so everyone give me a pat on the back i deserve it. lol

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I'm on day 8 now and I must say the craving is getting less. I keep getting dizzy spells though, don't know what that is all about.

Anyway, the first week without smoke for 22 years is behind me now...


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