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Struggling today

Its been 10 days today, had a really good couple of days and now I feel as though I'm back to last week, climbing the walls and a craving for a ciggie that won't go away. It's times like now I think sod it, have one, just to get through. Not going to though. Just nearly munched my way through a whole bag of chocolate raisins! Whats that all about, never ate them before. I feel really down and miserable but I know a ciggie won't make me feel better.

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No im afraid it wont, it will only give you a guilt trip afterwards. Thats all you need when you feeling a bit down. Bet you dont feel as bad now though, i find once ive had a winge on the forum my sprits lift, its just knowing your not the only one , and there is someone out there that knows exactly what your going through. Chin up mate and stay srong. Good luck x


Hi Cazbags

I had a rubbish night on Saturday even ended up crying,shouting,hated everyone,everything(it was shocking!) and really just wanted a ciggie.:o

My son asked me to name the main benefits of having one and all I could think of was the "instant" relief from all the horrible feelings and that was it!

Keep reminding yourself how far you`ve all ready come and how bloody well you`ve done!!

Stay Strong:)



Agree with everyone, just got to get through it. You know it eases off but you wish it would sooner rather than later!!

Keep up the hard work :D



Thanks loads. I know its going to be one of those days where I've got to muggle through somehow. I don't think the lack of sleep is helping either. Had such a bad time last week not sleeping think it's just all caught up.... Would recommend this site to anyone and everyone trying to give up the dreaded ciggies. That bloody nic is a persistent little git isn't he, he's doing his best today, but hey it just ain't good enough! You are all an inspiration and you are all keeping me going - thanks


Hi ya! Oh how I know the feeling! Terrible. You can pull through it though. You are stronger than the nic demon. You don't NEED one of those nasty things. Your life is better without it. Hang in here and keep your head up. Show the nic demon just how strong your will power is! Fight until the end because you will be super proud when you pull through it a non-smoker. :D


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