No Smoking Day

I'm here!!

Yeehaw, Day 15 for me today :D

Boudee, thanks for asking about how i was doing on the other thread, i would rather reply here in the 3 week section tho!!

I had a reaction to stuff i'd taken for my chest and ended up with both a Kidney and a Chest infection and had a really high temp. I'm sure it all stemmed from quitting smoking but the Doc wasn't convinced!

Still don't feel 100% but it's well put me off smoking, having more cravings this few days past than i had in week two but they're easier to deal with. Not had a single sip of wine so no sneaky cigs either.

Mum's really proud of me and so are my mates :D

Come and join me in week 3 people, it seems nice in here!!!


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