Day 4


Today is my first day registering to this forum and site. I quit smoking because it really began making me feel dirty, sick, and pretty much miserable. I finally resolved to QUIT on Thanksgiving day from the moment I woke up. Well I did not smoke because I had a small hang-over and a horiible heart burn from it. So Thursday Nov. 22 2007 when I woke up around 8am I decided not to smoke. I still have 2.5 packs of my marlsboro ultra-lights around. I have the support of my non-smoking wife to cope with sudden urges. Today was probably the only day I really felt this amazing feeling of stepping out for a smoke... It is almost time to go to bed for me out here in Cali. Tomorrow I will for the first time will have to manage my new ME at work. I will NOT have 5 to 8 small breaks to smoke a cigarette or two. But I know this whole thing will last only for a few days.

I have been smoking approx. 20 cigarettes a day from the age 15 to today. :(

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  • yama - Well Done on your sound very positive and focussed - congrats on your decision to be healthy and free

  • Hi Yama:)

    You and I quit the same day!

    Well done and stay strong your doing so well.


  • Welcome Yama. Congratulations on your quit. It is the best single thing you could do for yourself. A health boost and a longer life. Thats a gift to all who love you too. good luck.

  • Good on ya's both, hope your first day at work is easy. Once you've got through that then that's the biggest hurdle. Changing your daily routine helps a bit.

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