No Smoking Day

Hi All!

Hi All!:)

Just joined up this morning and I`m on the 3rd day, having quit on Thursday evening.

I can`t believe that I have not had a smoke in 3 days!

Been addicted to cigarettes my entire life...started smoking at primary school must have been about 10yrs old that means I have smoked for 34yrs. I`ve never quit before as even the thought of stopping terrified me.

My brain feels kinda fuzzy this morning and have been having some heart palpitations but I`m keeping strong and taking it a day at a time..


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Keep at it Wildcat, it really does get easier as time goes on! Your already nearly passed the worst period.

Good luck and everyone here is very supportive, so stay around!


Hey welcome and congrats on making The Decision! Think about it, day 3 means you are nicotine free by now :eek: You body must be sooo grateful, you're doing real well you just stick with it and we're all behind you when/if you need :);)


Hi there! Welcome to the forum and congrats on DAY 3!!!!!!! You are doing super. Nicotine free now and heading for a better life style :D Stick with it - you are doing a wonderful thing for yourself. :)


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