No Smoking Day

123 Days

Loooong time reader, first time poster here. Just thought I'd join up now, dont ask me why I didnt do it earlier! Bit unfair I suppose, I feel like I already know a lot of you quite well :)

Will be exactly 4 months for me tomorrow. Very chuffed at getting this far, and frankly feel brilliant for it! Same as many of us I'm sure, many attempts over the years and finally this one has stuck. If anyones unfamiliar with my method apparently the book is in the same vein as Allen Carr.

It has worked, thats the main thing.

Has been insightful and somewhat helpful reading everyones comments on here. Hope to be around more often!

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welcome supervillan. are you really a villan ? he he!. Well now your in we can get to know you eh? pointless telling you how great we are as you know that already. anyway warm welcome to ya. stay strong.


Upps, sorry , its supervillian.Im just having another blonde day.


Thanks guys!

Might even have a beer or four to celebrate tonight!



Hiya and welcome Villan!! 4 MONTHS - WAY TO GOOOOOOOO!!!

See you around the forum! Keep posting!



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