No Smoking Day
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Another day

Well i've upgraded a notch, this is day 4, if i can remember right.

Still got that packet in my bag and i can't face throwing it out just yet. Just sold the 200 i had sitting at home though. I refuse to buy from a shop, only ever smoked duty free so i don't have the 'you'll save lots of money' part of giving up as an insentive.

New boyfriend is happy though :D found last night difficult but went to the Cinema, everything was fine until they went on about non smoking in the place as if just to remind me.

I'm also starting to get a sniffly nose and my breathing isn't good, my chest feels quite tight.

I'm enjoying the challenge though and since i have a fear of spiders i'm trying to imagine spiders crawling all over my cigs when i think of them....yuk.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. It's all good in the good.

Have a nice day :D

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Well done, I am nearly at week 2. It gets better, I now have a cough that I never had before!


Well done Linnzer!!

Oh I love the spider idea!! that's a great thing to do!

Keep on going! the chest and cough is a really good sign of you improving health and body x x

~Buffy x x



On edge and everyones annoying me at work.

Woke up came in in a great mood, beautifull sunrise happening on my way to work happy happy. The people started annoying me now i'm annoyed and ARGH. Going to bite someones head off.

Sing a happy happy happy happy happy happy song.

Day 5 tho hurrah, this weekend will be a test. Bottle of vodka in the freezer vodka = fags but fags = spiders and spiders = EVIL!!!!

ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH hahahaha, i'm loosing the plot. :eek:

Keep going everyone :D


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