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Question about champix

My sister started taking champix 1 week ago prescribed by smoking cessation clinic she realises that it should take about 7/14 days before she quits smoking she is getting slighty worried now because she hasn't cut down at all from 20 ciggies per day.Should she have cut down by now before her quit date ?

Also has anybody else used champix and it just doesn't work for them and if so will they just stop prescribing it after 14 days if you show no signs of quitting ?

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I didn't cut down either, and went from 40 a day to zero on Champix. I found it really effective - it didn't get rid of the cravings completely, but it did mellow them out much more than NRT for example. I'm on day 108 smoke-free now, and I'm putting this down to Champix.

Tell your sister to stop worrying and just go for it.



Hi Michael

I didn't cut down at all either, went from 20+ to zero. It was fine, I mean, I'm not saying it's easy, it still needs conviction and strength but, for me at least, Champix has been the only thing to 'work'.

Agree with jonnyboy, tell your sister to smile and go fer it! She'll be fine.:D


Thanks Jonny and Steve for your replies.

Sister phoned today and has gone 18 hours without a ciggie so looks like it is going to work.

Sisters grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :p:p:p



hi johnny and steve im micheals sister took your advice and kept off the ciggys now been 21 hours since last had one so fingers crossed i can stay off them.jackie:D


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