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my reasons and thoughts of smoking

I think I could list exactly the same reasons on here as everybody else; health, money, for myself, for my girlfriend etc. In actual fact I am sick to bloody death of everyone and I mena EVERY-BLOODY-ONE going on and on and on about not smoking. It is a chore to go outside and smoke anywhere. It is a pain going out to the pub, a club, the airport etc. In fact - the last time I went to the airport my flight was 4 hours, and I had to check in 2 hours before, and by the time I did have a fag over in France I might aswell have given up as it had been nearly 8 hours! lol!

I think that the 70% of smokers want to stop statistic is way way off the mark. I would say 90% of smokers want to stop - and there is something inherant in ALL who choose to do this stupid act that makes you start, makes you carry on and makes you find excuses to continue. I think this time (ok I'm only on day 2) I will never smoke again - purely because something in my brain that was previously there has since gone and I don't have any reason to.

Anyway - this post is a bit long etc - and I am using patches - but I'm buggered if I'm going to use them for 3 months like they suggest. I know it isn't recommended but what I will do is leave the last patch on for as long as it can and then cope with any withdrawel symptoms that come along.

Smoking is a 2 part problem. You have the physical and psychological dependence on the drugs in the death sticks and the habbit of situation etc. Patches will help on both sides but ultimately it is up to me to stop completely.

Rant/statment over!!!!

Sam xxx

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hahahahh yes yes dont we all hate those that you whinge and nag to us to quit smoking.... i use to cringe at the usual comments... i guess they only meant well in some ways, when in my past experiences they would just piss me off..

anyways, stick to your gameplan, stay determined and you will succeed...

keep it up Sam....


Hi guys,

I have an appointment with the practice nurse on monday to quit smoking!

Great forum by the way!

Have decided after many unsuccessful attempts with NRT patches and cold turkey, to go down the champix route

I have a very bad chest (was told a few yrs ago that i could have emphysema later on) and have decided that i want to see my first grandchild grow up (he was born in june this year) and want to be able to keep up with him

Any tips would be extremely helpful


D x

Callums gran... from grandad bezza. Morgan's grandad (he's 2 weeks old now)

I've just started Campix and so far its all good. i stopped smoking on friday and even went out tonight with friends...( eeewww doesn't stale fag breath make you cringe)


eat three meals

take tablets at regular times evening one early

drink water

take a breath at the habit/coffee/after meals fags.

put something else in your pocket instead of fags , ( i miss that strangely)

I've use lots of different ways . patches, gum, cold turkey, always then enjoyed the extra "buzz" of the odd fag.. now with champix i dont want a fag at all apart from the feeling that i'm missing something. but not wanting to smoke ? its wonderfull....... but measure the odd twinge of "loss" against seeing your grandchild grow.. no contest at all.

my wife can only see him from heaven because of her addiction.. stick with it . it's worth it


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