No Smoking Day

Hello week 2!

Hi folks, just back from the pub after sitting inside all night (so warm!) and thought I'd announce my survival to week two. It's been so very difficult, the past week has been an absolute rollercoaster of emotions (tears, etc) but with every crave I experience I just remind myself of how bad the past week has been and how incredibly rubbish it would be to have to go through all that again. You guys have been absolute rocks, I'm proud of you all!

I've just had an evening in the pub drinking much lager and discussing all the ins and outs of culture and normally I'd have battled my way through at least 10 cigarettes tonight. And without wanting to sound too confident....I didn't really think about them that much. Bizzarely though I have a vile taste in my mouth and my throat feels like I've smoked 40 richmond...I guess the cr*p is finally making its way out!

Love to all, I hope everyones staying strong.

Yoush me besht mates you is *hic*


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Good good

congrats babe drinking is one our most powerful triggers and social occaisons are another. the fact that you where effectively dealing with 2 at the same time means that you have come a long way. remember its getting easier now but dont get too complacent - it only takes one fag to get you hooked again

all in all well done.:D


Hey well done, your doing great. Stay strong, you can do this!


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