No Smoking Day
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Hello to everyone on here. Just to let you know I have become a none smoker today. Just to fill you in a bit - yesterday (and for the last 2 or 3 years) I have been smoking around 30 cigarettes a day - except for a couple of years ago when I managed to stop for 5 months.

This time however, armed with the experience of last time, I am never going to smoke again.

I have been smoking for 10 years or so and tried to give up before. This time though I am not "giving up" because that implies that I am "losing out" - this time I am changing my life!!

Good luck to everyone else in my position; I never want to have to be on day one ever again.

(PS, by this time ordinarilly I would have smoked 10 fags today!!!)


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Hey Shubball,

Welcome and well done.

Remain positive and you will do it!!!!!



Hi Shubball. You Have Come To The Right Place Here , You Will Get All The Support You Need Others Experience And A Bond Of Comradeship Second To None. Stay With Us And Stay Strong, Good Luck X

Reply shubball!

As they say, some great folk on here, a wealth of experience second to none, massive support and there's always someone who knows! Speaking as a past master of quitting (i.e. I know how to do it 'cos I've done it loads!) I agree with you, it's a passive activity but - you can't be passive doing it!!:D

Best of luck with your quit.:)


Welcome! Kudos to you for deciding to quit, you sound happy about it I think that's the best way to start the quit process and be successful at it. Try to never feel you are depriving yourself of something, you're actually setting yourself free from the nastiest and most useless addiction ever created! :D


Hello Shubball!

Welcome to the forum and congrats on your decision to change your life!:D


Hurrah for positivity! You're in the right place


thanks very much you guys seem really nice.

I'm onto my second day and for the worst day is over. I hated yesterday just after my patch fell off!!! But I just had some gum and a bath and went to bed.

Anyway - day two is here and so is my determination to continue being a non-smoker.

Sam xxxx


You can do it Sam. Like you say remain positive and remember why you wanted to quit.

Your doing so well, keep up the good work xx


Good on you Sam.... keep up the good work.... your doing very well.. keep the determination coming... :)


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