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Quick update


Evening all.

Its 20 days now since i touched a ciggie and to be honest its flown by it hasn't been as difficult as i expected it to be.

Driving through town earlier and seeing people huddled outside the numerous pubs/clubs here freezing cold and all for just a ciggie made me feel nice and warm sat in the car.Its 3C here now and forecast to be minus 2C later,winter is really starting to hit now.

Good luck all with your own quit every one is different,you can do it and stay nice and snug and warm

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Well done Michael

almost three weeks thats fab and you sound so positive good luck. Let us know how your doing

Way to go Michael. Yeah it's great not to have to go outside in this weather isn't it? I feel its easier (for me personally) than in the summer. You didn't mind going outdoors then,it was warm and light- now its bloody freezing and rainy!!

I went out last night and had to stand outside shivering me nuts off with all the smokers because otherwise I'd have been stood on my own inside....

It makes me ANGRY!!!!!!!!


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