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No Smoking Day
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DAMN!! i almost forgot it was day 8

Hay people ive been meaning to update to this room since last night but the weird thing is that at the moment i dont think about smoking all that much. Dat said today has been a bad day and im emotionally all over the place but its not something i think a fag would cure. Another weird thing is that wen i think about fags i think about how they tasted when i first started rather than when i stopped. I doing great at the moment but i am fully aware one puff and im back to square one so im being very watchful of what i do. Ive dealt with three of my biggest triggers this week - waking up/going bed, eating a big meal, and getting pissed and im just trying to work out some stragies for the other major ones like having a big arguement, going out with friends, having a debate (trust me thats a big one) and looking after young childern. Like i keep saying i have a huge mountain to climb before im cured but im confident im gonna do it one step at a time

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Well done you have come a long way in 8 days/ Be proud



You should be proud! 8 days is a great accomplishment. Keep going strong & hold your head up high!!!!:cool:




Sounds like you are prepared for anything and your determination is so strong.... You should be proud of yourself.... keep up the good work and as you said take one step at a time....

you have a great mindset, continue strong..... :)


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