No Smoking Day

Day 2 Folks

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the supportive messages everyone left me on Day 1. It was amazing to read all those comments! Definitely gives me a boost!

Well Day 2, still going well, I am amazed actually at how easy it has been. I know that it is down to the Zyban though. I would have been a complete wreck by now otherwise. I even put up with my partner smoking right next to me! The only thing that really bothered me was the smell. Then this evening I had a major argument, you know tears and everything, usually would have smoked half a packet. And the thought was there, but I got through it!!

This is too easy, for now, I will just have to see what is thrown at me next!

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You will be fine, try to think not as giving something up, but gaining something else.


Non smoker

Thanks Dave, well I am talking now as a "non-smoker", on other attempts though I would always say "I'm trying to quit". I'm determined now. I definately think the more attempts you have the more determined you get. I got to the stage of every 2 days telling myself "I am going to quit tomorrow". The sense of failure wound me up so much it is making me more determined to do less talk and more action!


I agree Stacey :) I didn't tell anyone I was quitting ... I've failed so many times before I think people were sick of hearing me saying the same thing week after week and I was getting increasingly frustrated that I was letting myself and my family down so this time I just did it and then after my first day I told my hubby what I was doing ... felt far more focused this time :)

Keep up the good work x


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