No Smoking Day

Day 3

Hi, day 3 - quitting cold turkey!

The first couple of 'days' were kinda easy for me (compared to today!)

Today has been a bit of nightmare, but I am hanging on in there.

Had a terrible couple of nights sleep, first night awake every hour, 2nd night had a couple of panic attacks (weird!)

Gonna have an early night, and see what tomorrow brings

C u all on day 4

Zena xx

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Hey Zena, Welcome and well done!!

Know how you feel, first two days were ok for me too and then started getting harder, but stick with it.

Sleeping is getting a bit easier for me now and i am on day 8 today.

Keep the good work going xx


Welcome Zena

congrats on your quit I am also on day 3 it can be a hard day but your doing well keep strong and keep posting. See you in day 4 Linda xxxxx


WELCOME ZENAand congrats on 3 days. It get's easier PROMISE



Thanks so for your welcome and comments.:D

I really feel lousy, so its good to hear it's gets better.

I am hoping today - day 3, is the peak. I know its different for everyone but I have read somewhere that by the end of 3 days 99% of the nicotine is out of your system - and the rest is mainly mental. Here's hoping!

Catch you soon

Zena xx


Hi Zena,

Well done!

For me , the whole first week my head was spinning, but that seems like a world away now.

Just don't listen to that stupid little voice that tells you , smoking isn't that bad,it doesnt smell that much,etc etc. and you'll be great.

Again, WELL DONE!!!

It is out of your system now!!!!That is a big achievement.


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