No Smoking Day

4 weeks already

Hit the four weks mark yesterday. Not saying it was easy but got here. I find I find during the day not so bad am on my own and cravings come and go bu after everyone comes home and about 8 ish is my worst time maybe cause I am getting tired but my son and the dog sem to give me a wide berth at this time.

But on a lighter note i got the job i went for last week so starting on monday, saying that the boss whos not very bright really does not want me to leave, i never knew it could be so hard to leave sa putting in my notice tonight as the new job frees up my weekends to spend more time with the family.

Also though i get the odd craving i dont miss the going outside to smoke i forget if i m with a friend who does smoke that have to wait till they are finished. how easy we foget.

i also never got smoke breaks in work i used to instead of taking 30 mins break i used to get 3 10 minute ones so then i felt i wasnt skiving work now i can sit and relax with a coffee and cake. saying that i ate cake before giving up so no change there then.

well keep up the great work everyone

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Well done you have come a long way in 4 week Congrats and keep up the good work LINDA XXXXXXXXXX


Hehhe well done starwolf! 4 weeks good on you!!

Cake, cake and more cake :D hehe go mad you deserve it ;) lol

I have to say that I find the same time as you the hardest!!

It's nearer 6-7pm here though, all the kids are home, I am cooking, ironing their clothes n uniforms, cleaning etc they are arguing and demanding drinks, fruit etc whatever they can have! it is the toughest time of the day for me! I use the aid of a glass of wine more often than not :o

Congrats on the job x x In a sense it will be great to have a new surrounding and routine that has non of your 'smoking' life attached to it. Like a fresh start to the non smoking new you! :D

Stay strong and enjoy your family week ends x x

~Buffy xx


Congratulations on 4wks Starwolf. Keep up the good work. I'm like Buffy I usually a glass of wine (or 2 ) to get through stressful evenings!


all good news starwolf good to hear the quit is going well... and see the free time.... 4 weeks things do definitley start to look a bit brighter :D


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