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No Smoking Day
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Me again, day 5!!!

Yep me again, thought I would try typing instead of smoking lol.:)

Well onto day 5 now, really wanted a ciggy first thing, but as usual hubby very supportive and kind (why does that irritate so much? or is it just me?), also the thought of this forum helped. No way could I join one day, receive all the kind words and then go and smoke! Hubby at work now and baby girls driving me mad!! lol. they keep fighting and now decided to get colds!! Why does it never rain but pour?:confused:

So tired today and major headache! Oh look I am moaning again, I used to be so cheerful! lol!!

Anyway, better go back to my real life!

Do have to say, I feel a lot calmer now, maybe this typing stuff really works! God help you all, it means I may be back!!

Ok, going now, hope I havent bored you all too much, honestly I used to have a great sense of humour, but I think I left it somewhere.

Thanks again for your kind words xxxx

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hi trying

nope you havent bored us,it is good to talk and let it all out.

little things will get on your nerves but you will become more relaxed about other things as time go's on.

you say it never rains but it pours that is probably old nic trying to make things seem worst than what they are,with the children like you said if they not fighting they are unwell. best time for my kids are when they go to bed peace and quite (must stop putting them to bed at midday instead of 9pm lol)

hang in there your doing great

keep it up


Dont worry too much Trying, like boudee said you'll get your sense of humour back, when youre over the worst of it, then you'll be mad like the rest of us!!

And feel free to vent as much as you need too!

charlene :)


LOL more like the gruesome twosome, hehehehehehe ;):D


I think its coz I agree with what youre saying alot of the time and vice versa , it makes us a formidable pair dont u think? hehehehehe



hehehehehehehe found this tbn0.google.com/images?q=tb...

us to a "T", lol :p;):D


Gee thanks, at least my hair is a bit more tamed down than yours, we both look as though we need to get a wash though! hehehe :D


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