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No Smoking Day
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3 months 2 day !!

Hi all - not posted much - just took inspiration from reading the motivational posts. 3 months today. In that 3 months ive pranged a hire car in France - took the mother-in-law on holiday to Spain (out of season - it was awfull) - put a stone on in weight but not had a ciggy. Wife started with me but fell away early doors. Your comments of encouragement do help and gives one the sense of failure if we let the more senior ladies (senior as in days not smoking - not age) down.


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well done wolfie

doing great may be your wife may give it another go some day when she feels ready. but keep strong your doing fab. LInda xxxxx


Lo Wolfie x x x

Glad your hangong on through thick n thin,

Shame 'er in doors fell at early doors :D hehehe

Mother in law on hols wow that was a feat!! lol

No offence to David in france or any other french person here, but they are mad drivers!! lol well the villagers in south france, maybe not in the big towns. they don't really treat there cars as proud status symbols like us, they drive a machine to get from a to b any which way!! they all drive citrons too :) It was a very hairy experience!!

Well done x x

~Buffy x x


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