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Day 4 Already!!!!!!

Well I Am On Day 4 Already!!!!! I Quit On My 11th Day On Champix. It Wasnt Until I Actually Stopped That I Realised How Well It Was Working. Its Brilliant, I Have Had Cravings But I Realised They Werent Nicotine Cravings But Habit Cravings. I Only Wanted A Cigarette Cos That Is What I Had Been Doing For The Past 30 Years. I Am Really Hopeful That This Will Be My Last Attempt To Get Rid Of This Horrible Habit..

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Day 4, thats great. Well Done:)


WAY TO GO PATTIE> I stopped on day 9 of the champix and like yourself didn't realise how well it was working till I actually stopped the cigs¬!!! It helps me to know that any cravings I might get are in my mind only (cos champix is non nicotine) That makes them easier to deal with somehow cos you know its just your mind trying to get you to smoke again not your actual body wanting nicotine. I'll be straight with you Pattie- I 've talked myself OUT of a cig in my garden OUT LOUD (and I just KNOW the neighbours heard me and now think I'm some mad woman who talks to herself!) But I don't give a toss anymore.I'm a non smoker and bloody roud of it!¬:D


go pattie go pattie thats what everyone will be cheering for you now that you have stopped smoking


I Am A Non Smoker ....Woo Woo Woo !!!!!!!!


way to go pattie:D:D:D:D


Go Pattie :D wooo hooo

Oooh theres a new hobbycraft in Crawley :rolleyes: reckon I may go take a peek soon :D lol tangent!


Good to see you shinning through x x

keep with it!

~Buffy x x


Thanks.. The New Hobbycraft Is Fab... Couldnt Keep Out Of It When It First Opened... Will Be Spending All My Fag Money In There From Now On :)


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